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Established in 2008, Qwave has been dedicating in RFIC design ,chip integration as well as RF solutions.
With a group of experienced members and IC designers, Qwave achieved a leadership position in various kinds of RFIC and provided RF solutions by the integration of RF,power management,analog as well as digital portions into a single chip. 

As an RF system orienated IC design company, our product development is directed to what customer and market needs. Qwave has used its cutting edge technology to develop products successfully based on customersˇ¦ application and requirements. 

Moreover, our strong sensitivities on market trends have leaded us to be able to plan ahead on new productsˇ¦ road map and develop RFIC and module for specific system applications. 

Core Technology

RF products technology

* 2GHz ~ 6GHz WiFi switches ,low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, Ku band low noise amplifiers, IF amplifiers.


* Power management,multiplexers, VCO, mixers, PLL...etc


* Giga MAC,microcontroller, DiSEqC controller

Using the mixed technologies to design for multiple function integration to meet what market and customer demand.

Should you have any further questions, please visit the website of Qwave: www.qwave.com.tw